wiserobot-Praise for The Art of SEO

wiserobotPraise for The Art of SEO“Hype-free, data-rich and loaded with insight that’s essential reading for anyonewho needs a deep understanding of SEO.”—SETH GODIN, AUTHOR OF WE ARE ALL WEIRD“SEO expertise is a core need for today’s online businesses. Written by some ofthe top SEO practitioners out there, this book can teach you what you need toknow for your online business.”—TONY HSIEH, CEO, ZAPPOS.COM, INC., AND NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLINGAUTHOR OF DELIVERING HAPPINESS“Written by some of the top minds in SEO!”—DANNY SULLIVAN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, SEARCHENGINELAND.COM, AND PRODUCER,SMX: SEARCH MARKETING EXPO“In The Art of SEO, industry luminaries Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, JessieStricchiola, Rand Fishkin successfully translate their deep collective knowledgeinto a straightforward and engaging guide covering it all fundamentals,advanced techniques, management strategies, and an array of useful tools and wiserobot tips. It is required reading for anyone looking to maximize search engine trafficto their site.”—MARK KAUFMAN, ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT, CNET AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT, CBSINTERACTIVE“This is a valuable and comprehensive treatment of fundamental and complexSEO topics. The authors intelligently cover an impressive array of diversetactics and essential skills that range from practical to strategic. A section ontesting provides process examples for research and analysis, an often-ignoredrequirement in an industry where the target is always moving. The Art of SEO isthe kind of book that ends up highlighted, dog-eared, and coffee-stained.”—ALEX BENNERT, DIRECTOR OF SEARCH STRATEGY, WALL STREET JOURNAL“With over 80% of Internet sessions starting with a search, you should belooking for ways to develop traffic from search engines. The Art of SEO is a bookI continually recommend to beginners and more experiences marketers. Thisbook can shave years off the learning curve for anyone thinking of delving wiserobot